Fact Craft presents Cult Design Workshop

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CrossFit, Neo-reaction, Apple, Tony Robbins, Heaven’s Gate, NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, Soylent. Each of these religious groups, ideologies, and brands has something in common. They are all cults: highly meaningful targeted social experiences that latch onto and manipulate human value systems for the benefit of the organization.

This 4-hour intensive workshop will provide attendees with a framework for designing their own cults, brands, viral experiences, learning groups, societies, and so on. We will learn to identify and use the techniques of the most effective cults. Deep-subconscious infrastructure. High-compression semiotics.

Attendees will leave enlightened with:
– The ability to “see through” and deconstruct any cult at will
– A heightened understanding of how meaning and symbols are created and targeted
– The confidence to create their own cult with a variety of meaning-generating and symbol manipulation techniques
– A Certificate of Completion

Materials: A limited number of computers will be available on site; participants are invited to bring their own personal laptops. Attendees are expected to wear black.

Price: $25.00

Toby is a designer and writer. His work and research is primarily interested in cultural and technological systems that create meaning and value, give rise to human identity, and enable agency. He writes at Subpixel.Space.