Sean Carroll on the Biggest Ideas in the Universe

On the occasion of the publication of his evocative new book, The Biggest Ideas in the Universe: Space, Time, and Motion, Sean Carroll takes us on a deep dive into the physics that pulls back the veil of mystery from the most complex ideas in the field.

Sean Carroll is a Homewood Professor of Natural Philosophy at Johns Hopkins University, Fractal Faculty at the Santa Fe Institute, and the creator of the wildly popular YouTube series "The Biggest Ideas in the Universe," after which the book is named. Attracting fans eager to expand their minds, Carroll has a special knack for explaining the most expansive concepts in an entertaining, witty, and uniquely lucid way. In this author's view, the foundational concepts of classical physics from Newton to Einstein are as worthy of our gaze as the Mona Lisa, and he is committed to making these ideas accessible to all. ♦