As a society, our dog-human bond suffers many contradictions. We sense their animalism, but we anthropomorphize them. We endow them with agency, but give them the legal status of property. We treasure them, but abandon them. We bond with them as individuals, but breed them to serve or please us. Yet dogs have minds of their own and a conscious awareness of the world we probably cannot ever fully comprehend.

Join our Director of Sciences, Janna Levin, as she hosts experts Brian Hare and Alexandra Horowitz in a discussion of the latest scientific research into dogs’ cognition, perception, and behavior—research that could profoundly impact our relationships to our own beloved canine companions. ♦

Scientific Controversies brings together two scientists in conversation to explore unsolved quandaries. The focus is on ideas and the unknown, the precipice between where we are now and where we imagine the future will bring us.