The three-month Tech Residency program invites artists and technologists to imagine new modalities for creative expression through experiments in emerging technologies, including mixed reality, robotics, and AI. While developing projects in our labs, residents have access to one-on-one consultations with experienced software and hardware engineers; desk space; cutting edge equipment such as 3D printers and scanners, a laser cutter, and virtual reality headsets; and participation in our monthly Second Sundays open studios.


  • Co-working space in our Tech Lab with access to: 
    • VersaLaser 24×18” Laser Cutter
    • NewForm 16:16 Vacuum Former
    • Kinect Depth Sensors
    • Sense V2 3D Scanner
    • NextEngine 3D Laser Scanner
    • VIVE VR System (x2)
    • Oculus Rift Headset + Touch Controllers (x3)
    • Microsoft Hololens (x2)
    • GoPro Omni 360° Camera
    • Ricoh Theta S 360° Camera
    • 3Dio Free Space Binaural Microphone
    • Gigabot 3D Printer
    • Form 2 3D Printer
    • Perception Neuron Motion Capture Sensor (x2)
    • Full Physical Computing Lab Resources (Microcontrollers, Sensors, Tools)
    • Windows and MacOS Systems suitable for Video Editing and 3D Software (x5)
    • ZBrush, Cinema 4d, Kolor Autopano Giga (360° Stitching Software), Max MSP Jitter, Rhino, Maya, Blender, Processing, Arduino, Adobe CC, Unity, Unreal Engine
    • Fabrication Partners: New Lab
    • Practitioners: Dave Sheinkopf / Smooth Tech (physical/electrical/mechanical), Tommy Martinez (interactive, multichannel, unity/max, systems design), Angeline Meitzler (web technologies, artificial intelligence)
  • Black and White Darkroom
  • Design and Print Lab
  • Tech Lab
  • Soundbooth
  • Fabrication Studio (Glass, Wood, and Ceramics)
  • Opportunities for public and community programming and engagement
  • Opportunities to propose and teach workshops and classes


  • This is a project-oriented residency and though it is not important for projects to be finished within the period of residence, we are looking for projects with a coherent scope. In your proposal, let us know how you would best use our lab and resources to assist you in project development. 
  • We do not accept students currently enrolled in school. However, a BA, MA, BFA, or MFA is not required. 
  • We do accept collectives. However, please apply via one application.
  • To maintain equity, alumni residents may apply after 2 years of their last residency at Pioneer Works.

Selection Process

A jury of experts in the field, past residents, and Pioneer Works staff will convene to consider candidates. Accepted candidates will be notified by November 1. Unfortunately, due to the number of applicants, we cannot provide individual feedback.


Our online application is open from September 2 to September 30 at 11:59pm. Applications submitted in person or late will not be accepted. If you submit incorrectly before the deadline, you can resubmit with a note about the previous application.