Community Lunch: Eat Offbeat

Join Pioneer Works staff, artists-in-residence, and friends in our garden for lunch.* Each lunch will feature various cuisines from New York. This month’s lunch features Eat Offbeat, who creates off-the-beaten path meals that are conceived, prepared, and delivered by refugees resettled in NYC.

Lunch will include a beverage, vegetarian, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.



Field Greens Sumac Salad:

Fresh salad greens in Iraqi sumac lemon vinaigrette (Vegan – Gluten Free)

Hummus & Pita:

Syrian-style chickpea and tahini dip (Vegan)

Mirza Ghasemi & Pita:

Persian charred eggplant dip with tomato, garlic, onion, and shirred egg (Vegetarian – Gluten Free)


Caulifower fritters in Nepali–spiced sauce (Vegan – Gluten Free)

Chari Bari:

Chicken meatballs in Nepali-spiced cashew sauce (Gluten Free – Contains nuts)


Iranian rice with chickpea, dill, and fenugreek leaf (Vegan – Gluten Free)


*In the event of inclement weather, lunch will be moved inside the building.