Sculpting from Life

Taught by:
M.W. Ambroise
Mar 18 — Apr 22
6 Sessions
Saturdays, 12 - 3:00pm
$350 [$250 + $100 materials fee]

Use a live model to explore processes and techniques of sculpting the figure in this hands-on studio class. With water-clay as the media, students will gain experience with a variety of perceptual methodologies and organizational strategies for modeling the figure – both from direct observation and in studio practice when a model is not available. Readings and discussions will support understanding of the conventions of naturalistic portrayal of the body through exploration of the language of anatomy, morphology and proportion. This course seeks to inspire students to think critically about the use of the figure in sculpture throughout history, while developing crucial skills to participate in contemporary current of this enduring dialogue.


M.W. Ambroise has been studying the figure, the use of the language of the body in art, and working with the figure as the central theme of her studio work for 20 years. She received her MFA from the New York Academy of Art in 2007.  She has taught at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and lives and works in Red Hook, Brooklyn.