Handheld Gallery: Interactive Art for Mobile Phones

Taught by:
Ziv Schneider
Apr 10 — May 15
6 Sessions
Mondays, 7 - 9:00pm
$280 [$250 + $30 materials fee]

Handheld Gallery will focus on developing 3D graphics, virtual reality, and augmented reality experiences for smartphones. Readings and discussion will survey the artistic and technological innovations happening at this new frontier. Students will be introduced to the Unity3D game engine and create their own AR/VR mobile app.

This class will give you the tools to design virtual worlds and create VR and AR experiences for your smartphone. You don’t need to know super advanced coding and own an expensive headset to make art that engages with virtual reality. In this class you’ll learn how to tap into your phone’s gyroscope, camera, and touch capabilities for VR. Together, we’ll unlock the smartphone as a vehicle for interactive, digital art!


Ziv (ZEEVE) Schneider is an Israeli multi-media artist based in NY.

She works at the intersection of documentary, video games and volumetric photography and combines various design practices to explore how new technologies enrich narratives with spatialization and interaction. Since creating The Museum of Stolen Art in 2014, she’s been working primarily in virtual reality and has created several museum experiences, including the first virtual reality experience released by the Economist, RecoVR:Mosul, a virtual tour of the reconstructed Mosul Museum in Iraq. She holds a masters from NYU’s ITP program (’15), where she spent a year as a research fellow.