About the Technology Residency

Currently closed


The technology residency provides dedicated space, equipment, and instructional resources to individuals who are pushing the limits of technology with experimental media, techniques, software, and hardware.

Initiated in 2015, the technology residency has welcomed residents in fields spanning virtual reality and computer vision, data visualization and analysis, programmable textile manufacturing, interactive performance, computer neural networks, and multichannel video and sound. Residents have access to Pioneer Works’ technology lab, which includes a laser cutter, 3D printing and scanning facilities, and an electronics shop.

Current Technology Residents

Kristin Lucas

Kristin Lucas explores the contingencies, issues and poetics of digital technologies through conceptual, performative, social and collaborative frameworks.

Matt Romein

Matt Romein is a video/installation/performance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He was recently a resident researcher at Tisch School of the Arts ITP program, a g...

Past Technology Residents

Katherine Behar

Katherine Behar is an interdisciplinary artist whose works exploring gender and labor in digital culture have appeared throughout North America and Europe.

Rosalie Yu

Rosalie Yu works with emerging photo and 3D technology to capture and transfigure experiences of discomfort and routine indulgence in everyday life. During her ...

Rachel White

Rachel White is currently a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, self-taught programmer, and occasional artist.

Rosa Weinberg

Rosa Weinberg is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based artist and licensed architect. Her projects are grounded in research and interviews and seek to use surprise a...

Alex Berke

Alex Berke is from Cambridge Massachusetts and has degrees in mathematics and computer science from Brown University.  As a technologist in New York she has sp...

Grisha Coleman

Grisha Coleman is a choreographer and composer in performance and experiential media who explores relationships among physiological, technological, and ecologic...

Sam Lavigne

Sam Lavigne is an artist and programmer based in Brooklyn whose work deals with surveillance, cops, data, and automation. He is currently a research fellow at N...


Aether was conceived as a collaboration between the Interactive Telecommunications Program and Integrated Digital Media Program at NYU, and was included as a pa...

Ziv (ZEEVE) Schneider

Ziv (ZEEVE) Schneider is an Israel-born, New York-based multimedia artist who synthesizes various design practices to explore how new technologies enrich narrat...

Emily Xie

Emily Xie is a Brooklyn-based generative artist and software engineer whose creative work examines the relationship between artistic intentionality, technology,...

JF Malouin

Based in Montreal, JF Malouin became obsessed with movement & momentum as a side effect of a bulimic animation career, studying/bleeding over motion in way...

Nina Katchadourian

Nina Katchadourian (Brooklyn, New York) was born in Stanford, California and grew up spending every summer on a small island in the Finnish archipelago, where s...

Oleg Pashkovsky

Oleg Pashkovsky is focused on art and technology relating to explore interactive communication and relationship between ideas and spectators as a complex and in...

Phillip Stearns

Phillip Stearns produces both physical and intangible works, performances, and experiences using electronic media. His practice spans several disciplines from c...

Robert Smith

Robert Smith is a technologist and Red Hook resident who is interested in exploring the relationship of tech to community. One of his most recent and biggest on...

Sachem Arvidson

Sachem Arvidson is a multimedia artist and technologist specializing in digital LED lighting design and audiovisual synesthesia....

Seth Kranzler

Seth Kranzler is Brooklyn based artist and technologist exploring technology through the medium of music and sound. Seth seeks to utilize the innate emotional c...

Tommy Martinez

Thomas Martinez is a New York City based composer, guitarist and programmer from Los Angeles, CA. His work in multichannel sound, improvised guitar, video and c...

Will Rahilly

Will Rahilly’s videos, photos and installations explore alienated entities in isolated, yet colorful, environments with a twist of awkwardness and humor. I...