Hope Floats

Hope Floats is a streamlined tool for persistently calling your elected representative. Engage at our physical booth at Pioneer Works, or participate online at https://hopefloats.us.
Saturday, Nov 4, 2017

Fact Craft presents
Open Source Feeds

This workshop will provide tools which enable participants to take control of their personal data and decentralize their feed, a platform typically owned by private companies.
Sunday, Nov 5, 2017

Fact Craft presents
Cult Design Workshop

This workshop will create a toolkit for designing highly meaningful targeted social experiences, examining how “facts” are sometimes constructed through similar techniques as marketing.
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Annual Programs

Software For Artists Day

S4AD is an annual forum that brings together artists and developers to illustrate new software/hardware tools available to contemporary art practice.

Hack Red Hook

An annual, 48-hour hardware hackathon that unites technologists, community planners, designers, engineers, and artists of all ages to address neighborhood challenges through interactive hardware solutions.

Red Hook Regatta

An annual homemade boat race in the rough seas off Valentino Pier, 3D printing and laser cutting provided.


Kristin Lucas

Kristin Lucas explores the contingencies, issues and poetics of digital technologies through conceptual, performative, social and collaborative frameworks.

Matt Romein

Matt Romein is a video/installation/performance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. He was recently a resident researcher at Tisch School of the Arts ITP program, a g...
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