The second annual Summit on Pedagogy at Pioneer Works asks about the values and belief systems that underlie the way we teach, learn and collaborate, and consider how such tools can become effective catalysts for change. The Summit launched with an evening keynote by author Jesse Ball in celebration of his new volume, Notes on My Dunce Cap. Attendees received access to the keynote as well as two full days of programming, including panel discussions, multiple workshop sessions and opportunities for networking and discussion.


Shannon Harvey with Zach White

Blueprint for Counter Education


Lee Keylock from Narrative 4

What’s Your Story? Using Narrative to Foster Empathy in the Classroom


Taeyoon Choi from the School for Poetic Computation

Unlearning Disability


Tomie Hahn

Deep Listening


Jolene Rickard and Jackson Polys

Desiring Indigenous Futures


Ileana Méndez-Peñate from Training for Change

Anti-Oppression Strategies


Hannah Goodwin, Katie Gillett, and Alejandra Oliva from GenSex NYC

A New Kind of Sex Ed: Facilitation techniques for braver, safer spaces


Roger Manix

Productive Play


Geleni Fontaine from Third Root

Learning and Healing: Holistic Healing Methods for the Learning Environment


Ben Degen

Drawing as a Process for Visual Thinking


Eugenia Manwelyan from the School of Apocalypse

Social Choreography


Science, Language & Arts International School

Conversational Teaching in Language and Math


Kristin Prevallet

Flow into Writing: A Parasympathetic Pedagogy


Ellen Jorgensen from Genspace

Citizen Science and DIYbio



Friday, April 15

Saturday, April 16

Sunday, April 17


Pedagogy is often considered the special realm of teachers, but at its core it asks about the connection between personal development and our participation in society. It is concerned not only with the exchange of information, but the conditions--mental, emotional, physical--that enable the exchange. As such, pedagogy can be a space for inquiry that reaches across disciplines and contexts, and ultimately, for imagining radical social change.

The two-day program offers hands-on workshops from a range of disciplines and invites participants to explore tools outside their areas of expertise. We will ask: Can practical tools become effective catalysts for change? Are such tools only local solutions, or can they offer viable answers for the dominant education systems? What are the values and belief systems that underlie the way we teach, interact and collaborate? How can we create more exchange between different learning modalities?

The summit is organized by Catherine Despont, Co-Director of Education at Pioneer Works.


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