About the Department

At our science events, the audience can experiment with technical equipment, look through our telescopes with astronomers in the garden, and edit the genome of yeast. We emphasize public engagement while providing a platform for scientific exchanges and scholarly research. Our visiting scientists and the presentation of visionary concepts contribute to a new form of continued education.

We welcome our visiting scholars to be as singularly focused as they need to be on equations, data, observations, and measurements. At Pioneer Works, subjects need not blend, although collaborations and overlaps will undoubtedly erupt spontaneously. The friction between disparate groups and individuals can lead to sparks of inspiration, epiphanies, conflicts, confluences. That is the climate we’re excited to foster here at Pioneer Works—vibrant, energetic, unpredictable.

The science fellowship provides space for professional scientists to collaborate with Director of Sciences Janna Levin on various programs and research initiatives. At this time, fellows are selected by invitation only.

This department is supported by Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation initiative dedicated to engaging everyone with the process of science.