Xin Liu (刘昕) is a media artist, engineer and researcher. Imitation of affects, the constitution of subjectivity and our power relations to the sense of self have been the focus of her practice. Xin uses narratives, scientific research and engineering deployment to examine the intertwined relationship between body and mind. She is particularly interested in the transformation and adaptation of a social, sensorial, corporeal body in the current technology-mediated life.

Liu has shown her work internationally at Boston Museum of Fine Art (2016\2017), Sundance\TribeCa Film Festival (2017), Music Tech Festival Berlin (2016), OCAT Shanghai (2015), Eyebeam Art and Technology Center in New York City (2015), International Symposium on Electronic Art (2013\2016\2017) and The New Spotlight in International Design Week (2012). As an Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) researcher, Liu has worked in institutions including Microsoft Research NYC, Microsoft Research Asia, Google ATAP and TASML, and presented her research at international conferences including UIST, UbiComp, TEI, DIS and Augmented Human.