Mario Navarro

Mario Navarro is a Mexican American artist based in New York City. The formal aesthetics and syntax of Mario Navarro stand as an alternative reference to certain classes of objects just as words do not « refer » to things themselves in Saussure’s theory of linguistics. Objects and architectures have meanings as points and conceptual significations within an entire system of relations as each and every element evokes an idea different, let’s say, than that of another class of objects in virtue of their literal properties. Navarro also creates a meta-class of language that questions both architecture and the way we look at it but in different terms. Architecture is re-contextualized.

Issues of perception, the combination of language and spatial elements, the sculptural properties of language, matter/materials and their representations are lines of research Navarro has been investigating lately. The relations between architectures and forms, and more specifically, the decomposition of architectural paradigms (balance, symmetry, organization of units and the figure of the architect) are constant interest and exploration in Navarro’s ongoing and never final propositions.