The Pioneer Works Residency Program

Benjamín Torres' studio, Pioneer Works, 2015

Initiated in 2012, the Pioneer Works residency program was developed to provide free space — and not just in economic terms — where experimental and evocative practitioners across a variety of disciplines can work in close proximity, sharing energies and ideas within an organization known for its open-ended approach to working and making. With ample light-filled studios, in-house publishing platforms, a technology lab, a music studio, burgeoning education and exhibition programs, and thoughtful engagement with our various communities, the Pioneer Works residency program encourages residents to take advantage of this unique array of tools, opportunities, and relationships so that their practice may both deepen and expand.

While many residency programs across the country offer free space and access to interesting tools, what makes the residency unique is its unparalleled resources and the organization’s emphasis on community-building, which function in tandem. At Pioneer Works, a practitioner’s work can be made and distributed in a multitude of ways, to a multitude of communities, near and far: through the classroom, through a publication, or through lectures and other programming models, all of which can be achieved in-house. No other organization has this array of tools and access to varied publics at its disposal.

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