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Second Sundays

Sunday, Nov 13
4:00 pm — 10:00 pm
$10 Suggested Donation

SECOND SUNDAYS is a monthly series of open studios, live music, and site-specific interventions presented by Pioneer Works the second Sunday of every month. The series showcases artists in residence along with musical performances and DJs, curated by Olivier Conan.

Stream the event live on Clocktower Radio at clocktower.org/listen! Go to clocktower.org for the full Sunday menu of online listening.

Open Studios:
Doreen Garner, Sam LavigneLucia Love, Laura MorrisonMSHRHelene NymannCurtis “Talwst” Santiago, Onyedika Chuke, Xu Wang, Jaiko&Benoit, and Daniel Temkin.

On View

Golden Years

Ed Rosenbaum

In 1977, a 17-year-old Ed Rosenbaum decided to bring along a Pentax manual camera to rock-and-roll concerts he attended at New York City venues like The Palladium, CBGB, and Madison Square Garden. Over the course of the next several years, Rosenbaum captured many of the rock-and-roll icons of the period before leaving music and photography behind in the early 80s, when he eventually found a job as a doorman in a downtown New York apartment building. He has worked there for the past several decades. Not long ago, he came across a box of negatives of these photographs, which will appear in Golden Years, a book forthcoming from Esopus.

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Cars, Buses, and Trains

Chase Ferguson

Diagnosed with autism, Chase Ferguson experienced difficulty communicating with words. He began drawing in earnest instead, depicting fire trucks and ambulances. In the process, he developed an obsessive preoccupation with urban transportation systems and infrastructure. Using the most humble of materials, such as paper, tape, paint, cardboard, hot glue, and other mixed media, Ferguson recreates cars, buses, train sets, and parking meters in exacting detail—down to year, make, and model. Cars, Buses, and Trains displays hundreds of these cars, along with train sets and near life-size parking meters, all made with the support and guidance of Pure Vision Arts, a non-profit dedicated to artists with autism and other developmental challenges.

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Telescope Viewing

Amateur Astronomers Society of New York

Explore the Universe with us! Come out and see the stars, planets and the Moon! Members of The Amateur Astronomers Association of New York, one of the oldest astronomy clubs in the nation, will set up high powered telescopes for free public stargazing.

Primary Interactions

Clocktower Radio

Gonzalo Guerrero’s interactive exhibition illustrates his first experiences as an immigrant in New York. Through a palette of primary colors, Guerrero realizes the first-hand view of a newcomer to the city observing the social, political, and cultural polarities tied to identity and privilege. Guerrero is a multidisciplinary designer and musician based in Brooklyn. He does graphic/industrial design, illustration, prints, and photography, as well as design consultation for the arts and non-profits.

Live Music


7:00 PM

Glockabelle is Annabelle Cazes. She plays two Casio VL-Tones, a lyre-shaped glockenspiel with eight thimbles and sings in both French and English.

Born to Francophone parents, Cazes received an education both stateside and in France. After being introduced to the Casio VL-Tones by a neighbor in Paris, Cazes began blending her classical piano techniques with modern synth-pop sounds resulting in beautiful mixture of rhythm and tone. She also developed a unique approach to playing the glockenspiel with eight sewing thimbles. This new sound lead Glockabelle to a 2008 tour with Fiery Furnaces, landing her a set at the Bonnaroo Music Festival. Earlier this year she opened for the Go! Team across the U.S.

Glockabelle’s two favorite performers are Dick Dale and Lizzy Mercier Descloux.

Forro in the Dark

8:30 PM

One of the most exciting bands to come out of the wild late night Nublu scene in the East Village, Forró in the Dark combines the driving dance rhythms of forró from Northeastern Brazil with rock, jazz, psychedelia, folk and more. Together since 2002, the collective of New York based Brazilian expats Mauro Refosco (zabumba, percussion), Guilherme Monteiro (guitar) and Jorge Continentino (pífanos, flutes, saxophones) have collaborated and performed with a wide variety of artists including David Byrne, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Thom Yorke’s Atoms for Peace, Bebel Gilberto, Gal Costa and many others.

They have released three albums of original material, “”Bonfires of Sao Joao”” (2006) and “”Light A Candle”” (2009) as well as a cover album of John Zorn compositions for which Zorn worked with the band to hand pick the material and composed new pieces. Their next album is due out in early 2017.


Jaiko&Benoit Studio Session

3PM - 6PM

NYC-based duo Jaiko&Benoit will perform a three-hour music experiment with guests as part of their music residency in the Pioneer Works music studio. Guest musicians will filter in and out at different times. The entire performance will be recorded and filmed.

Kelley Ryan (Hollow Hills, Ghostharm)
Masami Tomihisa (The Utter Nots)

Steve Maing
Sue Garner (Solo, Duo with Rick Brown/Thrill Jockey, Run On)

Yuka C. Honda (Cibo Matto)
Kahimi Karie
Vito Roccoforte (The Rapture, Vito&Druzzi)

Matty McDermott (NYMPH, 79.5)

Justin Simon (Invisible Conga People)
Viva Ruiz (Chocolatina Productions, The Crystal Ark, Escandalo)

Robert Mayson(Degreaser, Grey Daturas, The Utter Nots)

School of Apocalypse

Catherine Despont

Sit in the airstream trailer, drink tea, and learn about new classes with teachers from the School of Apocalypse. SoA examines connections between creative practice and notions of survival. In light of growing cultural, ecological and technological phenomena that challenge basic assumptions about human existence, the SoA offers courses and programming that seek to develop new modes of inquiry and apply broader levels of experience to intellectual investigation.

Hapa-Zome: Colors of the Harvest


Create beautiful, custom prints using fall flowers and plants from the Pioneer Works garden and hard-press them into paper. Kids of all ages will be practicing the centuries-old Japanese printing technique of “hapa-zome,” or flower-pounding. After making a natural-dyed print, travel upstairs to the print lab and make a risograph of your print in funky colors!

Risograph Postcards


Join the Pioneer Works design team to make custom Risograph printed postcards using images scanned from your smartphone.


Sam Lavigne, David Sheinkopf

Tech Resident Sam Lavigne explores late capitalism through a display of endless lists cascading downward from the Pioneer Works balcony. The Tech Lab, meanwhile, is proud to host The Broomba, the world’s first crowd-sourced sweeping robot. The Broomba will sweep the ground floor of Pioneer Works and will be controlled by visitors to the Tech Lab.

Golden Years Book Signing

Ed Rosenbaum

Ed Rosenbaum will be in attendance to sign copies of Golden Years, a limited-edition book created exclusively for Esopus Premium subscribers. Copies of the book, which is not for sale, will be offered to attendees who purchase Premium subscriptions at the event.


Clocktower Radio

Independent cassette tape labels with limited-edition releases share their wares, talk, and tunes with Clocktower Radio. Stop by to see the tape fair or tune in at clocktower.org to hear sets from the labels.

Artist Interviews

Clocktower Radio

Artists-in-residence from the Pioneer Works community and beyond join Clocktower Radio to discuss their current projects, hopes, and fears.

Science Studios

Lauren Silbert

Come check out the Science Studios and some of the exciting work being done by its residents! Program Coordinator for the Sciences Lauren Silbert will present her original research on the neuroscience of communication and understanding. Participants will also have an opportunity to see their brains at work through EEG headsets.

Student Soapbox Sessions

Past Students

Hear readings, performances, and presentations by participants in Pioneer Works classes, including Performance Art 101, Modeling Futures, and Building and Improvising with Analog Circuitry. Past and current students may sign up at 4pm, or ahead of time by emailing education@pioneerworks.org.