Radical Context

“Subtle alterations, treatments, processes. Relentless kinetic energy. Above all, an appreciation for how to find and hang on to your place in a narrative unfolding at speed. For the fact that structure is not what is imposed, but what is revealed.”
– Fred Frith

“Church jams and death rays, soap operas and noir escapes, psychedelia and electrocutions — no matter where the conversation turns they are right on top of it.”
– Greg Burk, MetalJazz

“Fearless experimentation…super-human handwork”

– Brad Cohan, NYC Jazz Record

For this concert, Thollem has brought together two very distinct groups of NY musicians: a quartet with Ravish Momin (Tarana), Yuka C Honda (Cibo Matto), Laura Ortman (Apache Violin) and Radical Empathy Trio with Michael Wimberly (Charles Gayle) and Nels Cline (Wilco).

Radical Empathy Trio originally met to record an album for Relative Pitch Records which was released in 2015. The quartet is performing for the first time, formed through Thollem’s residency at Pioneer Works, which concludes on the 13th. The concert will include an assortment of songs, compositions and structured and free improvisations.
ACVilla will be providing multi-angled, multi-layered projections.

Thollem is a pianist, keyboardist, composer, improviser, singer-songwriter, activist, author and teacher. He’s spent his life skirting and erasing the edges of boundaries musically, culturally, geographically. His work is ever changing, evolving and responding to the times and his experiences, both as a soloist and in collaboration with hundreds of artists across idioms and disciplines.