The Body, Moor Mother, Author & Punisher, and Uniform

This program is part of the exhibition Grand Ole Opera.

The Body is an American sludge metal duo formed in 1999 in Providence, Rhode Island and composed of Chip King and Lee Buford. By 2016 they have released five studio albums and a number of other records.

Moor Mother or Moor Mother Goddess is an experimental music project by Camae Ayewa, a musician and poet from the United States. Her work has been labelled “hardcore poetry,” “power electronics,” “slaveship punk,” and “protest music.”

Author & Punisher is a one-man industrial doom metal band from San Diego, CA, made up of mechanical engineer and artist Tristan Shone, started in January 2004.

Uniform formed in New York City in 2013 when old friends Ben Greenberg and Michael Berdan reconnected and realized that they had evolved to a similar place musically. The¬†two-man show eschews a live rhythm section for programmed drums and low-end synths, augmented with Greenberg’s guitar and Berdan’s vocals.