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Concert Series Event #3
Friday, February 27
7pm; $10 Suggested Donation

Operating under the overarching FSN ethos that encourages the diminishing of boundaries in music-making and music-listening – be they ethnic, cultural, or stylistic – this concert series features a diverse curation of artists, both local and international. Audiences and performers alike are invited to experience something special and out-of-the-ordinary, as this collection of traditional and contemporary artists, community members and visitors, congregates in a unique kind of concert environment to engage in the intimate offering of sound.

Featuring: Luke Temple, Star Rover, Girls & God, and Booker Stardrum

Curated by Nandi Plunkett
Audio engineered by Ezra Tenenbaum
Visual and lighting design by Celina Carney
Video projections by Zack Levine

Final Viewing, 3rd Floor: The Proof: Third Laboratory from Pioneer Works resident David Colosi. The Proof is the third iteration of recurring sculptural theater, a satirical parody play on the use of theoretical mathematics to prove or disprove the existence of God. The work features the equations of project collaborator Jensen Gilles, transcribed and documented by Colosi on chalkboards, and Colosi’s Syntactic Objects.

Second Sundays
Sunday, March 8
5 – 10pm; FREE Suggested Donation $10

Pioneer Works kicks its 2015 open house monthly festivities on Sundays February 8. Here’s the menu…

Clocktower Radio sits down with Pioneer Works residents, Brooklyn neighbors, and artist friends to kick off the evening’s festivities. Click here to LISTEN to artist interviews and more starting at 5PM!

The Impact of Performance on Contemporary Art with Dustin Yellin and RoseLee Goldberg 5PM
As part of the Second Sundays series at Pioneer Works and The Armory Show VIP program, Performa Founder and Director RoseLee Goldberg and artist and Founder of Pioneer Works, Dustin Yellin, will talk about the importance of live performance in the work of many contemporary artists today in anticipation of Performa 15, the 10th Anniversary of the Performa Biennial, in New York City, from November 1-22, 2015.

Tongue Stones Discussion 6PM
For the closing of Tongue Stones, artists Elise Rasmussen and Julia Weist will present on their projects as part of an interactive walk-through and discussion


Exhibition Closing Reception: Tongue Stones, a group show featuring David Horvitz, Soda_Jerk, Joachim Koester, Elise Rasmussen, & Julia Weist curated by Clara Halpern.

Open studios: Clocktower Radio, David Colosi, Nanotronics Imaging, Hyon Gyon, Robyn Hasty, David Horvitz, Joséphine Kaeppelin, Christopher Kardambikis, and Henrique Oliveira, Recycle Group.

All performances and interviews captured during the Second Sundays events, are streamed and archived for on demand listening on the Clocktower’s Pioneer Works Radio Channel.

Streamed live for the duration of the event on Clocktower Radio at!

unnamedWebsiteSTEPHANE WREMBEL 7:30PM
The French virtuoso guitarist first learned his craft with the manouche (the French Gypsies) but he has also gotten deep into American vernacular musical styles. He scored the theme song to Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” which he also performed live during the 2012 Academy Awards and he has been called “a revelation” by Rolling Stone. While his playing falls into the general umbrella of Gypsy Swing his own compositions owe as much to Django Reinhardt as they do Pink Floyd or middle eastern music. Tonight, he will be drawing mostly from the Django repertoire.

In the Mexican state of Sinaloa, brass bands (bandas) are part of every public celebration. In the 1940’s, the pioneering Banda El Recodo started mixing up traditional brass band tunes with contemporary Mexican music – mostly ranchera – and soon transformed the idiom into a powerful new popular genre. In the 1990’s, banda music experienced a renewal, especially among young Californian Mexicans, many of whom have family roots in Sinaloa. Banda music’s popularity exploded in Mexico as well and to this day remains Mexico’s rban music of choice. Banda de Los Muertos was started a few years ago by Oscar Noriega and Jacob Garchik with the help of a dozen of their closest friends, including Chris Speed, Jim Black, Curtis Hasselbring, Brian Drye and with regular appearances by Mariachi Flor de Toloache’s Mireya Ramos. The Banda’s reputation has spread on both sides of the border and El Recodo – the very Banda that Los Muertos were first inspired by – has now become one of their number one fan.

SECOND SUNDAYS is a monthly series of open studios, live music, and site-specific interventions presented by Pioneer Works the second Sunday of every month. The series showcases artists in residence along with musical performances and DJs, curated by Olivier Conan.

Der Schauspieldirektor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Friday, March 20
8pm; $15 Ahead or $20 at the Door, RSVP Here

Groupmuse presents Der Schauspieldirektor, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Written for Emperor Joseph of Austria’s living room, the piece is about a frazzled director dealing with egotistical singers who have to learn to compromise in order to make art happen. It features some of Mozart’s nicest tunes – about 25 minutes of music, all-told – and we’re cutting down the hours of German dialogue with just a few freshly-written/translated lines to move the plot along. Our music director and conductor will be Matthew Aucoin (the Wall Street Journal-christened Next Leonard Bernstein), with direction and new English dialogue by Ben Miller.

Music director and conductor: Matthew Aucoin
Director, producer, and new English dialogue: Ben Miller
Starring singers from New York City’s top young singers’ programs and an orchestra made up of Groupmuse’s finest.

More information at

WebSquareLiving Room Index and Pool
An exhibition of installation & performance by Lauren Bakst and Yuri Masnyj
ON VIEW: March 13 – April 26, 2015
OPENING RECEPTION & PERFORMANCE: March 13, 2015 6, 7, and 8PM

Friday March 13, 2015: 7 and 8pm*
Sunday March 22, 2015: 3pm and 4pm*
Sunday April 5, 2015: 3pm and 4pm*
Second Sunday: April 12, 2015 6-8pm
Sunday April 19, 2015: 3pm and 4pm*
*RSVP Required

For More information, please visit our Exhibitions page.

thumbScientific Controversies
Wednesday, April 29

A Series With Janna Levin
#3. The Goddamn Particle
7:30PM – Doors open at 7pm

Citizens worldwide have tried to pronounce “Higgs Boson,” the name of the particle that glues the pieces in the puzzle of our material reality. The Higgs was found, Nobel prizes were awarded, and the discovery was both a disappointment (is there nothing more?) and a triumph (they did it!). The particle physicist Leon Lederman famously referred to the Higgs as the “Goddamn Particle,” a moniker his publisher resisted so that his book was titled “The God Particle.” Unfortunately the flourish has stuck. We prefer the original. We’ll discuss the Goddamn Particle, how it keeps every thing and our theories hanging together, and why we built a multi-billion dollar machine in Switzerland just to find it.

With Guests:
Sean Carroll (Research Professor of Physics at Caltech, author of “The Particle at the Edge of the Universe” and “From Eternity to Here”)
Melissa Franklin (Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics at Harvard)

About The Series:
What Is Quantum Reality? Does Time Exist? Will Dying Black Holes Explode in Firewalls?
Major Scientific discoveries can disrupt the traditional order, leaving scientists adrift in concepts that resist familiar intuitions and beliefs. Of the new ideas that emerge, some will be wrong and some will be right. Honest and open scientific controversy helps disentangle one from the other. Eventually, one side of a debate grows in strength and finds confirmation in experiments, while the other atrophies. But both sides of a controversy contribute to the breakthrough of actual discovery – when the utterly abstract barges into the realm of the concrete. This series celebrates that passionate spirit of scientific debate. For the Pioneer Works series Scientific Controversies, we take a look at profound topics at the frontier of physics that have inspired unresolved debates: Reality, Time, and Black Holes.