Wemblers Pioneer PosterLOS WEMBLER’S, de Iquitos
Chicha Pioneers and Originators of El Sonido Amazonico

Thursday, July 9; 7pm
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Los Wembler’s, the legendary band from Iquitos, Peru, will be traveling to the US for the first time. The five Sanchez Brothers who make up the band are Amazonian Cumbia pioneers who helped launch the Chicha explosion of the 1970’s. Los Wembler’s have only rarely left the Amazon and this is a unique opportunity to see them. The brothers are still faithful to their original sound, and haven’t lost a bit of their passion and enthusiasm. They will be performing an original repertoire that spans forty years and includes some of their hits, including Sonidio Amazonico and Danza del Petrolero, which were featured on the Roots of Chicha compilations.

DJ Sabroso, from Lima – the foremost authority on Peruvian Chicha – will be on hand to DJ as will Roots of Chicha producer DJ K Conan.

Also: footage of Iquitos, food trucks, Pisco, special guests and more.

Second Sundays
Sunday, July 12; 4-10pm
$10 Sugested Donation

SECOND SUNDAYS is a monthly series of open studios, live music, and site-specific interventions presented by Pioneer Works the second Sunday of every month. The series showcases artists in residence along with musical performances and DJs, curated by Olivier Conan.

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Z by Robyn Renee Hasty
Z Robyn Renee Hasty presents a new series of glass plate portraits created during her year long residency at Pioneer Works. Working with transgender, cisgender and a spectrum of genderqueer and gender non-confirming individuals, Z is collection of images that challenges our expectations of how gender is expressed, embodied and perceived.

NOMAD NO-MAD by Hyon Gyon

This project stages the collision between the book Walden or life in the Woods by Henry David Thoreau (1854) and the mission Mercury Seven (1958) sending men to space. It is a polymorphic work, with several chapters, evoking the questions of autonomy, isolation, solitude, but also contemplation and enlarged perspectives through music and live performance with modular synthesizers ( Ciat-Lombarde, Grendel Drone Commander…).

OUTPOST by Paul Jacobsen
Artist Paul Jacobsen was born in Denver in 1976. He grew up in family of artists in a small mountain town in Colorado and moving to Brooklyn at a young age he has split his time between the two ever since. Forgoing a formal art degree Jacobsen has taken classes in Florence at Lorenzo De Medici Instituto de Arte, studied privately with acclaimed realist still life painter Daniel Sprick and worked for Artists such a Jeff Koons and Rudolf Stingel. Typically working with traditional mediums such as oil paint and charcoal, Jacobsen investigates the intersection of civilization and technology. His works have been exhibited at MASS MoCA and the Aspen Art Museum, among other institutions. Jacobsen lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

Adriana Atema makes paintings and immersive installations exploring interconnectivity, contagious behaviour, perception and story. Mountain peaks, black holes, valleys and volcanic eruptions mimic and deviate from the expressions of the human body. A pendulum swings and points to its opposite: flat matte colors and symbolic forms accentuate a chaos that necessitates navigation. Atema paints maps of awareness of body, psyche and space.

Carmen Bouyer, Clara Claus, Clocktower Radio, Hyon Gyon, Robyn Hasty, Joséphine Kaeppelin, Nanotronics Imaging, Paul Korzan, Janna Levin, Ido Michaeli, Azikiwe Mohammed, Jesse Moretti, Chris Woebken, and Mathilde Roussel

La Newyorkina will be selling paletas, Mexican ice pops, in the garden throughout the evening. All products are handmade from scratch in small batches, using the locally sourced ingredients. La Newyorkina donates a portion of their sales to Crea, an organization that helps generate employment opportunities in Mexico for low-income women.

Clocktower artists-in-residence Nathan Cearley and Erica Bradbury of Long Distance Poison present an A/V performance that reorients time perceptions in an interplay of modular snyth, analog experiments, pseudo random and intuitive methods, and chaos. The performance takes place at Pioneer Works’ recording studio, housed in a shipping container in the garden. Throughout the evening, the pair host experimental candle and incense workshops. Observe their process and ask questions, dip your own candle, and experiment with your own time.

In Shape Dance, the intention of the choreography is to search for arrested movement in the shapes of the dancer’s body as opposed to prioritizing movement. With this intention, the whole of the dance can be singularly grasped by the eye and mind.

Shape Dance is choreographed by Brittany Bailey and premiered June 19th, 2015 at The Kennedy Center in Washington DC.

Second Sundays BandBULLA EN EL BARRIO 6:30pm
Led by Barranquilla native Carolina Oliveros, the drummers and singers of Bulla en el Barrio explore new and classic Bailes Cantados of Bullerengue. Bullerengue originated on the Carribean Colombian coast of Colombia. The music has deep African roots, it consists mostly of drummers and female singers and posesses a mesmerizing, trance-like quality.

Carolina Oliveros belongs to a younger generation of cantadoras who have a deep connection to the tradition but have also been influences by all the music they were exposed to growing up: classical music, rock and cumbia among others. The group will be paying homage to lesser known cantadoras and cantadores from Uraba – region of Colombia located between Antioquia, Choco and Cordoba. Featuring songs by Eustiquia Amaranto (Turbo), Darlina Saenz (Necocli), Ana Garces (Necocli), Eloisa Garces (Necocli), Eulalia Gonzales (Maria La Baja), Pabla Florez (Maria La Baja), and Sabina Escudero

Band 2 squareSUPERMAMBO A Vibes Tribute to TITO PUENTE 8:00pm
Mambo King and timbalero extraordinaire Tito Puente was also an accomplished vibraphone player. The instrument was prominently featured on his early mambo recordings. Grammy-nominated Felipe Fournier is a percussionist and vibes player from Costa Rica who plays with Ruben Blades and classic salsa outfit Our Latin Thing. He has assembled a group of musicians who have collectively played with some of the greatest Latin musicians – Eddie Palmieri, Willie Colon as well as the late Tito Puente himself.

JulyFSNPosterSquareFound Sound Nation
Sunday, July 26
7pm; $10 Suggested Donation

Operating under the overarching FSN ethos that encourages the diminishing of boundaries in music-making and music-listening – be they ethnic, cultural, or stylistic – this concert series features a diverse curation of artists, both local and international. Audiences and performers alike are invited to experience something special and out-of-the-ordinary, as this collection of traditional and contemporary artists, community members and visitors, congregates in a unique kind of concert environment to engage in the intimate offering of sound.

Featuring: Christopher Tignor, Jarana Beat, Julia Easterlin, and Twain

Curated by Nandi Plunkett
Visual design by Celina Carney
Video projections by Zack Levine

SomethingMustBreakSquareSomething Must Break
Friday, July 31

8:30pm; Free

For many of the few who have been able to see it, Something Must Break is considered one of the best attempts at transgender representation and the psycho-social complexities that this subjectivity entails. Located in contemporary Stockholm, the film gives us a glimpse in the life of Saga, a young transgender woman living and surviving in a not so inviting Sweden. Based on a novel by Swedish writer Eli Leven, this film portraits a possible poetic optimism that doesn’t falls into cheesy, mainstream narratives. Despite the fact that this film has been commercially released in Sweden, Germany, and other Eastern European countries it does not have distribution in the US, so this screening is one of the few occasions to watch it.

Curated by Clara López Menéndez