Survival Shack [Earth]

Taught by:
Adam Stennett
Sunday, Feb 21, 2016
12 noon - 2pm

This workshop is part of the Arctic Artist Survival Shack Project, the second in a series of endurance/performance works by artist Adam Stennett. The Arctic Artist Survival Shack serves as a proving ground for alternative systems of physical survival, spiritual survival and creative expansion.

EARTH – Organic / Alternative Waste Management, Vermiculture Composting and Reducing Your Waste Footprint

This workshop is designed to encourage questions about the efficiency and wisdom of waste systems in place and to explore alternative thinking extending into all areas of life. The Humanure Handbook will be discussed. Laws limiting alternatives will also be examined and questioned. We will discuss landfills and consider where trash actually goes when we talk about throwing it away. How much trash does NYC produce daily?


Adam Stennett creates conceptual works from a post 9/11 perspective, investigating issues that affect our global society and their ramifications on the American psyche. Well known for his renderings in oil and acrylic, Stennett delved into sculpture and performance with The Artist Survival Shack. On August 1, 2013, Adam Stennett began a month-long installation/endurance performance, living and working in the 6.5 x 9.5 foot, self-sufficient, off-the-grid survival shack at an undisclosed location on the East End of Long Island. The supplies, food and water Stennett arrived with were all he had access to, and he did not leave the area for the thirty-one day duration of the performance. The artist’s mission was to survive physically and spiritually, and to create a new body of work that would be exhibited along with the Artist Survival Shack itself at the conclusion of the performance.