This class serves as an initiative to radically reimagine human embodiment. Learn ways to duplicate, substitute and fabricate new landscapes for the body through an introduction to mold making, 3D scanning and FX silicone techniques. We will rethink ways in which our bodies can exist beyond the limits of our skin and relearn what it means to embody an identity and the vessel which carries it.

Students will pursue a personal project to present, perform or demonstrate at the end of class. Alongside hands-on workshops, there will be conversation and readings from authors such as Donna Haraway and Judith Butler. There will be an optional guest lecture and fitness training with body builder/activist Siufung Law on July 2.

Dates: May 27, June 3, 17, 24, optional July 2, 1:00 – 4:00pm
Location: Pioneer Books
Price: $300 [$250 + $50 materials fee]

Jes Fan is a Brooklyn-based artist from Hong Kong, China. Fan’s trans-disciplinary practice is based on a material inquiry into otherness as it relates to identity politics. They received a BFA in Glass from Rhode Island School of Design. They are the recipient of various fellowships and residencies, such as the Edward and Sally Van Lier Fellowship at Museum of Arts and Design [MAD], CCGA Fellowship at Wheaton Arts, and John A. Chironna Memorial Award at RISD. Fan has exhibited in the United States and internationally. Selected exhibitions include No Clearance in Niche at MAD (New York), Whereabouts at Glazenhuis Museum (Belgium), Material Location at Agnes Varis Gallery (New York), Ot(her) at Brown University’s Sarah Doyle Gallery (Providence), and Remembering Something without a Name, Chrysler Museum of Art (Virginia).