Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus. Recently it has been used in combination with organic waste to create a new bio-based, renewable, home-compostable material that can replace plastics and other similar materials.

In this workshop we will learn the background and uses of Mycelium, its applications for artists, designers, and architects, and how to work with it as a material. Participants will create a mixture of mycelia, agricultural waste and starch and learn how to grow it to create forms and serve different uses.

Danica Selem is an architect, space designer and a theater artist born in Split (CRO). After receiving a BA in Architecture and Urban Design from the Faculty of Architecture in Zagreb she completed a Masters in Architecture at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn where she has been living ever since. She teaches and works as a designer and collaborates with different artists on various space related projects. She is interested in the perception of space and its cultural, social and emotional implications.