Participants will recreate the famous Libet experiment, designed to test the concept of ‘free will’, as the starting place for an investigation into experimentation and scientific knowledge. Science is generally fielded without question by students of all ages throughout the world. We will explore the true nature of science, which is not to solidify known ‘facts’ but rather to use previous scholarship to uncover unknowns and find comfort in continuously asking questions.

Lauren Silbert, PhD, is a neuroscientist who studies the underlying neural correlates of communication. Her work focuses on interactive neuroscience where she has developed new technology and analytical tools to study the interaction between brains and the neurobiology that facilitates communication. Her work is published in multiple scientific journals including Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Journal of Neuroscience, and Neuron, and has been featured on radio shows such as NPR’s Radiolab and Voice of America. Lauren is also a visual installation artist whose work has been publicly displayed in Berlin, New York, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia. Lauren has a PhD in Neuroscience from Princeton University, a Masters in Neuroscience from Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, a Masters in Psychology from NYU, and a Bachelors in biology and photography from the University of Pennsylvania.