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Indigo has a history that goes back 6,200 years ago. Many cultures found the blue pigments in their local plants and developed distinctive techniques of fermenting the plants to make dye vats. This class focuses on Japanese indigo and introduces two unique types: Sukumo, a centuries-old fermented indigo dye, and Yamato Indigo, a simplified blend of natural and synthetic dyes invented by dye supplier Aikuma Senryo in 1818 in Tokyo.

Learn how to dye your own items with shibori patterns using Yamato Indigo. This class is for all levels. You do not need any previous experience of dyeing to attend. Please bring approx. 500g or 1lb of cotton or silk garments (approx. 2 long sleeve shirts) and come to the class wearing something you can get dirty on. No synthetic or wool material can be dyed in this class.

Price: $35 [$25 + $10 materials fee]

Sayaka Toyama was born in Nagano, Japan and is based in New York. Toyama works with groups and individuals who carry on Japanese traditional crafts to translate and update them on what works today in terms of concept, aesthetic and functionality. Toyama currently hosts workshops of Japanese indigo dye, boro mending, sashiko stitching in New York and produces various events related to Japanese crafts and textiles through Curious Corners.